Practically Replacing Microsoft Exchange Server - A 3 Part Series - 3 of 3 - Kerio Mailserver

For the first two parts of this review series, please view the following links: Practically Replacing Microsoft Exchange Server - A 3 Part Series - 1 of 3 Practically Replacing Microsoft Exchange Server - A 3 Part Series - 2 of 3 - Zimbra Collaboration Suite Kerio MailServer 6.5 - The Exchange Killer Kerio MailServer, like Zimbra, has until only recently been an ‘almost but not quite’ Exchange alternative. It has offered Outlook support and integration with Active Directory since 2002, but did not initially support groupware features such as calendaring and shared contacts properly until years later.

Getting poor call reception on your iPhone 3G? Turn off 3G.

Here’s a good tip for you iPhone 3G users: 3G network coverage in many parts of North America is quite poor, even though coverage maps may indicate otherwise. While 3G is the big hype, especially since the release of Apple’s 3G handset came out, its deployment in the New World (and even some parts of Europe) isn’t sufficient to support largescale use of network intensive devices like the iPhone. So: If you’re finding really poor call quality, dropped calls and generally poor data performance on your iPhone 3G, go into Settings > General > Network and turn off 3G Networking.

WordPress for iPhone

This is my first post from the iPhone. It’s been a long time in coming, and there have been several hangups. The 2.0 iPhone firmware presented me with the App Store, and the WordPress iPhone app appeared shortly afterward. Thing is, the app crashes repeatedly when I enter my login info. Once I’ve figured out why, I’ll update this post. Meantime, I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.6 and am using the WPhone plugin.

HOWTO: Leopard Time Machine over iSCSI

UPDATE If you’ve arrived here looking to use iSCSI with Time Machine, I’ve switched to another more robust method. I’ve run into some of the same problems as commenters below, and I’ve become convinced the iSCSI angle is too risky for now. Open a terminal and run: defaults write TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1 Then you can use a Samba or AppleShare (even Netatalk) server share as a time machine backup location. This works perfectly, as Time Machine creates a disk image with an HFS+ filesystem on which to perform backups, and mounts that.

HOWTO: Leopard install with Giga Designs G4 upgrade

One of my Macs is a 2001 vintage G4 733 with a dual 1.8GHz G4 upgrade. This should fit well within Leopard’s minimum system requirements, but the CPU upgrade I’m using presented a complication. Without a kernel extension from Gigadesigns called ‘Giga-Meter’, MacOS recognizes the upgraded CPU’s as ‘PowerPC 60? 467MHz’ and therefore won’t update due to the new minimum requirement of 867MHz. This extension can’t be loaded from a DVD since you’re booted from the Leopard installation CD at the time you get denied.

iPhone native apps

Evidently the intention has been to allow third party apps on the iPhone all along. This is good news - while the current selection of web apps are higher in quality and usefulness than the unofficial native apps, official support will result in some vendors stepping up and creating some good stuff (and as mentioned, a lot of other vendors stepping up and writing crap - caveat emptor). Quoted from apple.

iPhone - Part Deux

There’s been a lot of overreaction in the press regarding the latest iPhone firmware. Thankfully it’s beginning to die down as reporters are realizing they’re standing up for hackers and unlockers, and people who generally aren’t interested in supporting the corporate interests of their sponsors, but I digress. Lots of articles were published slamming Apple for “bricking” iPhones that have been modified. The reality of the situation is quite different. Apple issued a press release announcing their concerns about third party SIM unlocks; they created unmanageable incompatibilities and issues with the firmware upgrade process.


So I got an iPhone last week, after having read enough reports of successful unlocks and an increasingly long list of custom applications. I saw one in person for the first time just prior, and was basically sold. My current smartphone is an HTC Mogul, known in Canada as the P4000 from Telus. I evaluated the uses I put it to and set my criteria for the iPhone as simply as follows: Can I get it to do the same things?

Solving a QuickTime for Windows "annoyance"

One long-standing issue people have with QuickTime for Windows is its apparent insistence on becoming the default handler for video and images in IE and throughout the Windows environment, despite the setting of file associations to the contrary. Even if you set everything up to open in Windows Media, for some reason QuickTime is still invoked. This bothers a lot of people and is probably one of the reasons QuickTime for Windows is disliked.

HOWTO: Rip DVD's in MacOS X (Updated)

This HOWTO has been updated and dramatically streamlined! It’s worth re-reviewing if you’ve read/implemented this method already. Keep in mind, this is for experts/enthusiasts and not those looking for a quick one-click solution. The quality of video and sound is, for the average viewer, highly subjective. When it comes to viewing a DVD though, one can be certain that they’re watching the highest quality (until HD-DVD/Blu-Ray standardize) video they can get.